About Us


Steven Madison

Steve bought the place in 2016 from his dad, Jim. Steve renamed it Madison's Bullet Stop after the original name of the store, Madison's Gun Shop.


Beth Madison

Beth married Steve in 2015 and was drug into the Madison family. She is the primary book-keeper of the store.


Mike Stone

Mike has work on and off for three generations of Madisons. He is Glock and Bushmaster armorer. He is in on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Jeremy Defendi


Jeremy is our gun-smith. Although he has a full-time job outside of Bullet Stop, he takes care of everything from sight changes to rebuilds. 

Howard Dean


Howard teaches most of our classes. His background includes CSI guy of Loves Park to other Officer related jobs. He hates Blackhawk Serpa Holsters.

Mary Parsons


Mary is the Chapter leader of the Well Armed Woman - Winnebago County She teaches some classes here.



Savannah is our foid girl. She processes all of the FOID and CCW applications as well as other basic book-keeping.