Can you do FOID caids/CCW applications?

Yes. Foid is $30
CCW is $180

Fees include everything the state requires.
Foid takes 4-6 weeks

CCW takes up to 110 days.

If you've waited the time, stop in with your driver's license and we will look into it.
You cannot apply before 60 days before your current foid expires.

You cannot apply before 90 days before your current CCW expires. 

What is your FFL fees?

$25 per gun/receiver. If ordering multiple items from one place, ask for a discount. Please give us a shot first. Just call and ask, worst case is we say no.

Do you offer LEO/Military discounts?

We can sometimes. We are constanly working with companies to offer these discounts. Please stop in.

Do you offer layaway?

On most things, yes.

90 Days, same as cash.

What payment forms do you take?

Cash - Check - Visa - Mastercard - Amex - Discover - Bitcoin -  Used Cars - Trades

Got a question?

got a question? ask! The contact form is located on the home page of the store homepage.