Learn to Shoot

The Learn to shoot class is a one on one or two on one class that is designed for beginners. It's $80/person or $100 for a couple. All guns and ammunition are provided.

Learn your new gun

Bought a gun and not sure how to use it? This one on one class will teach you on your new gun! Class is $50. Class requires 100 rounds of ammunition.

Illinois CCW

Our CCW class provides the necessary training to comply with Illinois law. The full 16 hours is $150. Veterans with a DD-214 can cut the first 8 hours off and the cost is only $100. To view the current schedule, click/tap here. Class discusses Illinois law, safe draw from the holster and includes live-fire. 50 rounds required. Also includes the paperwork for Utah and Florida.

Illinois Renewal

Illinois renewal is $65 and has a class of 3 hours. Requires 50 rounds of ammunition. Click here for the current schedule. 

Women's Only Class

We have a woman only class that's taught by girls for girls. The beginner courses are one on one then you will be moved to a larger class. Call Mary 815-222-9244